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Our Team selloProstodoncia

A staff of renowned professionals with the experience and specialist training in the latest scientific methods required to provide you with care, technology and front-line methods suited to your needs. Since its founding in 2003 the clinic has remained true to its ethos of ensuring the right diagnosis for the problems of each patient. A personalised study of each case is conducted, including study models, a diagnostic board, photographs and digital X-rays plus a thorough intraoral examination, so that the end results of the treatment can be visualized before it begins.

As well as providing top-quality dentistry we promote good health and run prevention programmes.

Eva M. Berroeta DDS, Ms

Eva María Berroeta holds a degree in Dentistry from the University of the Basque Country. She specialises in implants and oral rehabilitation, and has a Master’s Degree in Oral and Facial Surgery from the Complutense University in Madrid (1997-1999). She also did a three-year postgraduate course in Advanced Education in Prosthodontics at the University of Southern California (USC) in the USA (1999-2003). She has been an associate lecturer on the Master’s Degree in Periodontics at Madrid’s Complutense University since 2003 and on the Master’s DXegree in Aesthetic Dentistry since 2009. She is in sole charge of the Prosthodontics Unit, a specialist unit that includes treatment in aesthetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, prosthetic dentistry and complex oral rehabilitation. She has also been a speaker at numerous courses and conferences.                              E-Mail: eva.berroeta@clinicaevaberroeta.com

Dra. Amaia Rodríguez Berezo

Amaia Rodríguez Berezo holds a degree in Dentistry from the University of the Basque Country (2006-2011) and a Master’s Degree in Endodontics, Aesthetic and conservative from Institución Mississippi, Madrid (2013-2015). She worked at the Odontología Solidaria non-profit dentistry clinic and in several private clinics in Madrid between 2012 and 2015. She has also attended numerous courses and conferences on endodontics and aesthetic dentistry such as Endoforum, laser dentistry and photo-dynamic therapy, as well as courses on bleaching at COEM, early diagnosis of oral cancer, etc.                                                        E-Mail: amaia.rodriguez@clinicaevaberroeta.com  

Cristóbal Calleja

Cristóbal Calleja holds a degree in Economics from the  Complutense University in Madrid and an MBA from Instituto de Empresa de Madrid. He began his career at Banco Santander, where he held numerous senior posts over the course of 10 years, the last three of which he spent in London. He has always been strongly engaged in social issues, and has worked for and managed several charitable organisations concerned with oral health. He currently manages the CEID 10 clinic, where his main remits lie in the fields of patient care, team training and the efficient management of the clinic. E-Mail: cristobal.calleja@clinicaevaberroeta.com

Inés Irígoras

Inés Irígoras holds an Executive Secretary diploma from the University of Deusto and has over 10 years’ experience at dental clinics. She is currently in charge of the coordination and clerical management of the clinic and of patient care. She has attended courses on marketing, communication, patient care, teamwork and assertiveness.                E-Mail: ines.irigoras@clinicaevaberroeta.com

Maider Arín

Maider Arín is a dental hygienist who graduated from the Instituto Nicolás Larburu. She did her clinical work experience at the Albia dental clinic (Periodontics Department). She currently works not just as a dental hygienist but also as a clinic and lab assistant. She has taken part in and given dental hygiene courses. She is a member of the Sepa hygienists’ association and attends its annual meetings and the symposia organised each year by Biomet 3i to keep up with the latest developments in her specialist field. She has also completed courses in CPR, patient care, assertiveness and teamwork. e-Mail: maider.arin@clinicaevaberroeta.com

Maite Gonzalez

Maite González is a dental hygienist who graduated from the Instituto Nicolás Larburu and did her clinical work experience as part of the team led by Dr. Ion Zabalegui at the Albia dental clinic. She currently works at our clinic as a dental hygienist and also as a clinic assistant. She has attended various dental hygiene courses and continues to enhance her skills and keep up to date with the latest developments in her specialist field. She is also a qualified dental radiologist and has completed first-aid courses. e-Mail: Maite.gomez@clinicaevaberroeta.com

Piedad Martínez García

Técnico auxiliar de Enfermería y Clínica Dental, formada por el Centro Ángeles Custodios, habiendo realizado las prácticas y trabajado con el Odontólogo e Implantologo José Miguel Del Olmo (Santutxu) Higiene bucodental realizado con programas para la empresa. Ha participado y asistido a cursos dirigidos a auxiliares e higienistas dentales. Tiene primeros auxilios y manejo del desfibrilador. e-Mail: piedad.martinez@clinicaevaberroeta.com