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It consists in the application of a whitening gel in a transparent splint perfectly adapted to the teeth, with the intention of oxidising the pigments accumulated on the enamel surface, without damaging the dental structure.

Are composed of resin, a synthetic material that becomes harder after exposure to LED lighting. Advances in dental technology have progressed in such a way that, nowadays, it is possible to rebuild front teeth and fill back teeth in such a way that nobody will notice the difference.

This is a dental treatment in which the most external part of the tooth is replaced by porcelain with highly aesthetic properties, similar to those of natural enamel.
Whitening techniques can improve aesthetic problems caused by tetracycline staining considerably. However, the most successful and permanent treatment for this aesthetic problem is to fit porcelain veneers after teeth whitening.

Porcelain crowns are caps that completely cover the tooth simulating the whole external shape of the natural tooth. They are between 1 and 1.2 mm thick. They can be made from porcelain only or they can have the centre made form a different material for further consistency, such as metal or, lately, alumina or zirconia.

In our clinic we have the most innovative and technologically advanced treatments to provide the best dental aesthetics for our patients