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Composites, —or aesthetic or white fillings— are composed of resin, a synthetic material that becomes harder after exposure to LED lighting. Advances in dental technology have progressed in such a way that, nowadays, it is possible to rebuild front teeth and fill back teeth in such a way that nobody will notice the difference.

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What are they?

Thanks to the materials and new techniques available nowadays, this type of filling can be done safely (aesthetically and functionally).
Obviously, front teeth are the most important aesthetically because they are shown when we smile. Thanks to the latest composites, it is possible to rebuild, hide or conceal a great

he technique step-by-step

EThe procedure consists in preparing the dental enamel with an acid gel and then applying adhesive. This strong adhesive will support the restorative material, which will be placed in thin layers that will be carefully moulded.
Each layer will harden up thanks to a strong light, such as LED. The material’s different colours and tones can be combined in order to achieve the desired result. Finally, they are polished to soften the surface and diamond paste is used to make them shiny.


It can be used in a wide range of cases, from fillings for teeth with little decay to rebuilding teeth that have been completely destroyed by decay. It can also be used to change the shape or the length of the teeth, or to close the black spaces that might appear after gum treatment.